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Library occupies an important position in the educational institution for providing continuous education to the aspirants.The College started functioning from the inception of the Science Block in the College.To inform,inspire and develop its user intellectually the college library maintains the following types of collections :

  Text Books
  General Books
  Reference Books/Encyclopedia/Hand Books
  Books for Competitive Examinations
  News Letters
  Product Catalogue
  Journals/Periodicals & Magazines
  News Paper/News Paper Clipping for Technical Articles etc.

The Library operates an open access system. The collection of books being built at a much faster rate.All library books are classified according to DDC and catalogued according to AACR-II.The books are issued to the under-graduate students for a period of 14 days and the faculty for full semester. There are total number of books are 12405 in which Reference Books are 2556,Text Books are 8976, General Books are 870 and 9 Journals are available for daily use,for reference and for over night issue. .Some of these are Transactions ASME:Journal of Manufacturing Science & Engineering,Journal of Heat Transfer, AICHE Journal,IEEE Journal of Software Engineering,Machine Design SAE Automotive Engineering, Mechanical Engineering,Spectrum,Byte,all relevant journals of Institution of Engineers (India) and CSIR etc.The library has also initiated the following functions.

Abstraction of technical articles selected from various News Papers.
Current Awareness service  
Inter-Library loan services on demand  
Photo-copying services on payment basis  
Conference/Seminar information etc.  
Library is also having an institutional membership of TATA Energy Research Institute (TERI).