Head of Departments

Anuja Gopal
NAME: Ms. Anuja Gopal (H.O.D Architecture)
Address : 'ABHYUDAYA' ,#445 Urban Estate Phase-II,Bathinda
Contact No : 95011-08778,0164-2212131,
E-Mail-Id: anujapupneja@gmail.com
Date of Joining: 27-11-95
R.K Chopra
NAME: Mr. R. K. Chopra (H.O.D Computers)
Address : #770, Ph.-3, Part 2, Urban Estate, Bathinda.
Contact No : 9888017027
E-Mail-Id: rkchopra2009@yahoo.com
Date of Joining: 31-12-95
Sukhwinder Partap Rana
NAME: Mr. Sukhwinder Partap Rana (H.O.D Electronics)
Address : #A-2, Staff Colony, Govt Polytechnic College, Bathinda.
QUALIFICATION : B.E. (Electronics Instrumentation)
Contact No : 95011-00063
E-Mail-Id: sp_rana72@yahoo.com
Date of Joining: 24-11-95
Som nath sharma
NAME: Mr. Som Nath Sharma (H.O.D Mechanical)
Address : #10, Patel Nagar, Bathinda.
QUALIFICATION : M.E.(Mechanical),B.E.
Contact No : 9501108787
E-Mail-Id: hodmech2005@gmail.com
Date of Joining: 06-06-89
Vidha Sharma
NAME: Ms. Vibha Sharma (H.O.D Pharmacy)
Address : #10, Patel Nagar, Bathinda.
Contact No : 9501108788
E-Mail-Id: hodpharmacy29@gmail.com
Date of Joining: 12-08-94
Narinder kaur
NAME: Ms. Narinder Kaur (H.O.D Applied Science)
Address : #360,Patel Nagar,Bathinda.
Contact No : 9463374037,0164-2273235
E-Mail-Id: narinderkaur71@gmail.com
Date of Joining: 19-08-94
Jasvir Singh
NAME: Mr. Jasvir Singh Gill (Officer Incharge.)
Address : #20598,st.no.25-B, Ajit road, Bathinda.
QUALIFICATION : B.E. (Electrical Engg.)
Contact No : 9417326660, 0164-2212660
E-Mail-Id: gilljasvir1970@yahoo.com
Date of Joining: 02-08-94
Swaran Singh
NAME: Mr. Swaran Singh (Workshop Supdtt.)
Address : #A-3, Staff Colony, GPC Bathinda.
QUALIFICATION : I.T.I, C.T.I and Diploma in PIE.
Contact No : 94171-32274
E-Mail-Id: ssmahar@hotmail.com
Date of Joining: 31-07-86
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