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General Rules
Govt. Polytechnic College, Bathinda has to strictly observe the following rules and regulations:

1.(a) In order that each student may enjoy the full benefit of the facilities placed at his disposal he has to abide by the conduct regulations of the Polytechnics. These are solely designed, to safeguard the student's welfare and privilege and those of the fellow students and are liable to change without notice from time to time. The students are advised to keep themselves informed about the day to day instructions. A plea of ignorance of any rule cannot be accepted as on excuse for breaking it.

(b) Each student is required to see the notice board daily before leaving the institution.

2. Students are expected to behave with decorum and to pay respect to its

faculty and subordinate officials. Every member of the staff has authority to forbid

disorderly behavior either within or outside the Institution and at all times and

has to be immediately obeyed in such circumstances.

3. Loud talking, loitering or congregating in the corridor being a source of

disturbance and annoyance to other is not permitted.

4. Drinking, smoking and use of other intoxicants are strictly prohibited in the

Institution and Hostel.

5. Late arrival and early departure at or from a class are recorded as absence

from the class for period concerned.

6. It is misconduct to interfere with any apparatus or enter any department to

other than directed.

7. No student has authority over the employees of the institution

8. Survey Instruments tools and other apparatus must be left in good after use. If damaged the fact must be immediately reported for necessary action.

9. All students must attend/visit to works arranged for them unless previously exempted by the Principal and notes on the visits shall be submitted within a fortnight after the visits

10. No responsibility can be accepted for any loss or damage to students property within the Polytechnic premises.

11. Students shall observe all safety precautions. The institution is not responsible for accidents of whatever nature in the Institution Hostel, workshop or laboratories.

12. The student at the Institute requires attention and diligence on the part of students. A students neglecting "his studies and showing unsatisfactory progress will be given two warnings after which if he fails to improve he will be liable for expulsion from the Institution.

13. Conduct inconsistent with general good order, or persistent neglect of work or failure to respond promptly to official notices, may be punished with heavy fines and even expulsion from the institution by the Principal.

14 Students are issued Identity Cards/Smart Cards against a payment at the time of admission, Loss of the cards must be reported immediately. Failure to inform about the loss of the card will be taken serious notice of. A new card will be issued on payment

15. Students are advised to deposit all cash with the local post office/Bank/institution's cashier against Smart Card and draw their requirements from time-time. The institution is not responsible for any loss by theft or otherwise.

16. No institute society shall be formed without the permission of the Principal

17. In all matters concerning the institution administration and regulations, the decision of the Principal is final.