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The following fees and other charges are payable by the students for the full session i.e 12 months during academic session in Govt. Polytechnic College, Bathinda:


1. Tuition Fees ---- 22,000 P.A

2. Development Fund ---- 3,650 P.A.

3. Security ----- 600 (One time)

4. Hostel related Fee

a. Room Rent 600 P.A

b. Mess Fund (To be operated by Principal under PLA) 600 P.A

c Electricity and Water supply charges 600 P.A

5. Students Activities Related Fund

(To be operated by Principal under PLA) Rs.

a. Student Fund 665 P.A

b. Annual Cultural Fund 67 P.A

c Audio Visual 67 P.A

d. Common Room /Club 67 P.A

e Library Fund 133 P.A

f. Magazine Charges 33 P.A

g. House Examination 100 P.A

h Stationery Charges 67 P.A

i. NCC/NSS 33 P.A

j. Cycle/Scooter charges 133 P.A

k. Medical fund 67 P.A

l. Drawing Board 133 P.A

m General Maintenance and up keep 667 P.A

n. Recreation 68 P.A

o. Student Chapter 35 P.A

p. Sports 50 P.A

q. Valedictory Fund 66 (One time)

r. Smart card Identity Card 66 (One time)

s. Refundable security 133 (One time)

Security Refund: If a student does not claim the refund of security within a year after appearing in final Semester/year or leaving the institution, his security will be forfeited and will be deposited in student fund.


Examination and other Fee/Charges as fixed by Punjab State Board of Technical

Education and Industrial Training is as under:-


1. Cost of Examination Form 50/- per form

2. Examination fee 500/- per Sem/year

(Semester as well as annual and regular

as well as re-appear)

3. Late fees upto one week 1000/-

4. Late fees up to 7 days before 1500/-

the start of Exam

5. Diploma Charges : Rs.100/-(to be deposited by the final semester/year students alongwith the examination fees at the time of submission of examination forms

6. Charges towards house test stationery: The charges towards issue of house test stationery will be Rs.100/- per year from the academic year 2009-10 onwards. The house test stationery charges for the 1st year will be collected at the time of Central admission and charges for the 2nd year and 3rd year will be sent by the Institute to the Board's office in the form of consolidated draft at the beginning of 2nd/3rd year.

9. Re-Checking

a. Cost of Form 10/-

b. Fee 75/-

10. Re-Evaluation fee 600/-

11. Migration Fee

(i) Inter Institutions 500/-

(ii) Inter Board/Other University 500/-

12. Duplicate certificate 200/-

13. Registration Fees 100/-

14.Trade Change 250/-

15.Readmission fee 100/-

Note: The above fee is subject to change without notice.

i. Fees shall be collected from the students bi-annually, within one month from the commencement of session/Semester in July and January on the dates notified by the Principal. In cases, where it is not feasible to collect fees/dues as above, the same may be collected in the successive month. If any fee subscription remains outstanding beyond the dates given above, will not be allowed to continue attendance in the Polytechnic College. A student thus suspended will not be admitted until all arrears have been paid along with a fine of one rupee for every day.


a. Full freeship would be provided to 5% of the students admitted to every semester / year of every course purely on the basis of merit. Individual students would continue to enjoy full freeship if he/she continues to remain within top 5% of his/her class in each semester.

b. Half freeship would be provided to next 5% of the students in each course and each semester purely on merit basis.

NOTE:- Freeship would be available vis-à-vis tuition fee only and the criteria for awarding freeship will be followed as under:

Semester System Courses:

5% full-freeship and 5% half-freeship will be awarded by the Principal :

On the basis of results of I to VI semester examination.

Annual System Courses:

5% full-freeship and 5% half-freeship will be awarded by the Principal :

NOTE: The amount of full freeship and half freeship awarded to a student will be adjusted in the successive semesters/year and in cases where adjustment is not possible, the fees may be refunded. The Principal will be competent to adjust/refund out of the fee collected by the Polytechnic College.