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Production and Industrial Engg.





Architectural Assistantship





Electronics & Communication Engg





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Eligibility for Admission as under:

Admission to the various streams of Engineering/Technology for three years diploma courses is made through centralized counselling conducted by Punjab State Board of Technical Education & Industrial Training, Chandigarh and For 1st year admission courses 10th with Math,Science,English passed.

For Pharmacy :-

i. Intermediate examination in Science

ii. The first year of the three year degree course in Science

iii. 10+2 examination (academic stream) in Science

iv. Pre-degree examination


v. Any other qualification approved by the Pharmacy Council of India as equivalent to any of the above examination

o For Modern Office Practice:-

Minimum qualification for admission to diploma course in Modern Office Practice shall be 10+2.

o For Part Time Diploma Courses:-

Matric or above with Science and Maths with requisite experience, OR 12+ in vocational stream.

** Lateral Entry (LEET) - Direct 3rd semester:-All those candidates who have passed ITI at least with one year (who passed 10th level School Leaving Examination before admission to ITI courses) and 10+2 vocational examination in various branches from any institution of Punjab/Other State and have Punjab

Domicile with a minimum 60% at the 10+2 stage or at the ITI would be eligible for consideration for lateral entry in various diploma engineering courses.


1. The details of the seats and reservation of regular courses covered under given in the admission Brochures issued separately by Punjab State Board of Technical Education & Industrial Training.

2. The reserved seats shall be deemed to be non-reserved and thrown open to general pool and filled on basis of merit when the required number of candidates in these categories is not available.

3. The applications of only those candidates will be considered against the seats reserved, sportspersons, who fulfill the minimum qualification and furnish a gradation certificate from the Sports Department, Punjab.

4. The admission of Ex-Servicemen/Defence personnel will be made in the following order of merit:

(a) Killed in action.

(b) Disabled in action & Boarded out of service.

© Died while in service and death attributable to military service.

(d) Disabled in service and Boarded out of service with disability

attributable to military service.

(e) Gallantry award/other winners both serving retired.

(f) Serving Defence Personnel/Ex-servicemen.

5. Girls can also be admitted to the polytechnics/institutions provided they make their own residential arrangements where hostel facility is not available.

The officer of the concerned department shall make clarification if any over and above these guidelines.

2. Admission to the Part-time diploma courses

1. The admission to the part-time diploma course will be granted only to the employee /candidates. The admission will be made purely on the basis of marks obtained by the candidates in the School Education Board/University or other specified examinations.

2. (a).Seats mentioned in Cols.5 to 15 on the pages 9-10 are reserved for bona fide residents of the Punjab State only.

(b). For admission to the part-time diploma courses seats mentioned in col. no 17 (balance general) would be filled on the basis of the single merit list to be prepared regardless of Boards/University from where the candidates have passed the examination on the basis of which admission is sought.


3(a) The minimum educational qualification for various P.T.D course is as under:

a) Entry Qualifications:

1). Pass in 10+ with Science and Maths with a minimum 50% of marks in

aggregate of Math and Science plus 3 yrs. of related work experience OR

ii.) Pass 10+ with English, Science and Maths as compulsory subjects + I.T.I

certificate plus one year of related work experience:


iii). Pass in 10+ with pass in English, science and Maths as compulsory subjects

plus apprenticeship certificate: OR

iv. Pass in 12 + Physics, Chemistry and Maths plus one year. related work

experience: OR

v. Pass in 12+ in vocational stream with or without experience.


1. The candidate seeking admission should be working within a radius of not more than 30 Kms from the institution where admission is sought, the Principal of the concerned institution may relax this condition up to 50 kms in genuine cases subject to the availability of seats.

2. Candidate should be employed in a registered firm/company/Industry on the full time basis.

3. Candidate must have passed Punjabi at Matric level or will have to pass as per Punjab Govt. instructions.

4. With a batch of less than ten candidates, a course in a particular trade will not be started.

3(b) i. For Admission to Part-Time Diploma in Civil Engg.

Candidate seeking admission should have been working before admission as Technicians, Road Inspector, Work Inspector Draftsman, Tracer, work Supervisor, work Munshi or Motor Mate on important Civil Engg, works or under 'A' class Construction Contractor who have undertaken works in a govt. organisation or Semi Govt./ autonomous Organisations. Preference will be given to the employees of a well-established Private Ltd. Construction Company.

ii. For Admission to Part-time diploma in Mechanical Engg.

Candidates should have been working before admission as technician, Chargeman, Foreman, supervisor, Assistant, foreman, Assistant Chargeman, Charge Technician in a Factory Registered under Factory Act. Industry workshop, Production shop under any of the govt. Semi/Government or Autonomous Organisation.

iii. For Admission to Part-Time Diploma in Electrical Engg.

Candidate should have been working before admission as technician, Electrician, Chargeman, Foreman, Lineman, Wireman, Assistant Lineman, Assistant Chargeman, Assistant Foreman, Supervisor, Sub-station Attendant in a Registered Organisation under Factory Act. Industry, workshop, Production Shop, Under any of the Govt./Semi-Govt. or Autonomous Organisation or under A Class, Electrical Contractor who has undertaken works on Govt., Semi-Govt., Autonomous Organisation.

iv. For Admission to the Part-Time Diploma in Textile Technology

Candidate should have been working as technician/ Jobber/ Warper/ Winder/ Mechanic Assistant Supervisor/ Machine Operator in a registered Textile Organisation under Spinning and Weaving Factory Act, Industry under any of the Govt./Semi Govt or Autonomous Textile Organisation.


i).Private Industry shall mean an industry registered with the Director of Industries and Commerce.

ii. Training in this course will be terminable if the student gives up the work in the related profession during the course of training. He will produce a certificate from employer regarding his continuous service in the profession at the beginning of the each semester.

iii. The student, if turned out by the employer in consequence of retrenchment, will be given three months to seek an alternative employment. During this period this training will not be terminated.

iv. Candidates having designation other than mentioned above (1),(ii), (iii), (iv) must have technical base subject to a minimum of I.T.I certificate.

v. Technician mean a person with technical base as defined under (iv) above

V . For Admission to Part-Time Diploma in Production & Industrial Engg.

Candidate should have been working before admission as technician, Chargeman, foreman, tool & die mechanic, jig & fixture mechanic in a factory registered under Factories Act.

4. Merit Determination:

For Part -Time Diploma Course:

(i). The admission shall be made through a "Single Merit System" under each group for additional years put in by the candidates for achieving higher qualifications, the following percentage of marks obtained by the candidates would be added in the highest marks:-

10+1/ Higher . Sec./Prep. 5%

10+2/Pre-Engg. 5+3% =8%


i. The candidate with minimum entry qualification 12+ will not be entitled to the benefit of 5% or 8% weightage.

Since the Part-time diploma course is primarily intended for working Technician, the grading of the candidates shall first be arranged in the following two groups, which will govern the merit in the order of grading.

Group 1 Highly Skilled

Group II Skilled.

Inter-merit between the candidates in each group will be decided on the basis of educational qualifications.

ii The grading into highly skilled and skilled groups will be determined on the basis of length of experience in particular grade. For fixing into these groups the following minimum period of the experience in the trade shall be taken into consideration:-

1. Highly skilled 5 Years.

2. Skilled 3 Years

Inter-grade merit will be determined on the basis of the work's status and pay scale.

(iii) In the merit grading on the basis of educational qualifications given under item 3 have a weightage of 1% marks shall be given for Technical Stream over the Non-Technical Stream for equivalent qualification as per note (v) under the 3(b)

5. Age Limit

A. There is no lower and upper age limit for three/two-year regular Diploma courses.

B. Part-Time Diploma courses:

There is no upper age limit for admission to these courses, but the candidates should not be less than 18 yrs. of age.

6. The prescribed printed application form for admission to the regular Diploma-Course is given in admission brochure issued by PSBTE & IT and for Part-time diploma courses to the Institution is attached with this Prospectus at Appendix-I

7. The application for admission along with required certificate must reach the Principal of the Polytechnic where the admission is to be sought.

8. Attach the list of documents attached with the application form. The candidate must give correct information in the admission form and any information found incorrect or false at subsequent stage shall render the student to be expelled from the institution.

9. The student selected for admission will get themselves enrolled and pay all dues, there and then at the time of admission to the Principal failing which the offer of admission will be considered as cancelled and the seats will be filled by admitting the next candidates on the merit list. All the candidates so admitted will join the classes at the Polytechnic on the date to be intimated to them by the Principal of Polytechnic concerned. A list of books, drawing instruments, standard articles for stationery and clothing etc. shall be supplied by the Principal and the candidates shall be required to procure them before joining.

10. Allocation of Branches:- The allocation of branch for regular diploma courses shall be made to the candidates at the time of admission on the basis of merit of JET and according to the preference given by the candidates in his application and also according to the availability of seats in that branch, However, the student will be admitted on the merit basis in their respective discipline in case of Part-time Diploma admission.

11. For the purpose of allotment of branch of Engineering to the candidates belonging to reserved categories mentioned under column 5 to 14 at page 9 to 10, merit list of each category shall be prepared after pooling all the students belonging to these categories admitted both in the open merit as well as in the reserved category. Allocation of branch of Engineering shall first be made against the reserved seats on the basis of combined merit list in each category and the remaining students shall be given branch of Engineering on the basis of their merit in the open category.

12. Change of Branch/Trade:- The change of Trade in the regular diploma courses is permissible within the same institution at the beginning of the Third semester to the availability of the seats(s), the criteria being the marks obtained by the students in the first semester examination in the order of merit, If the vacant seats(s) pertain(s) to the reserved category/categories only the student(s) belonging to the reserved categories shall first be considered and in case no desirous student(s) of the reserved category/categories comes forward the vacant seat(s) shall be considered as open. For change of Trade, only the students having completely passed their semester examination in the first attempt shall be considered. The change of Trade will be done by Punjab State Board of Technical Education And Industrial Training.

13. A candidate who has obtained Regular Diploma in one discipline/course can also seek admission in another discipline /course for obtaining additional Diploma in 3rd semester and vice-versa subjected to availability of seats. In the case exemption can be given on application from appearing in any one or more of the subjects, which he has already passed and the marks already obtained by him shall be taken into account. Since I and II semester of courses in civil, Electrical and Mechanical are common, a student can seek admission directly in the 3rd semester. A candidate who has obtained diploma in Industrial and Production Engineering can seek admission in Mechanical Engineering for obtaining additional diploma and a candidate who has obtained a diploma in Electronics and T.V Engineering or Electronics and Microprocessor or Electronics and communication Engineering and Electronics Telecommunication Engineering can also seek admission in 3rd Semester for the one of these discipline/course for obtaining additional Diploma.

14. Migration: Migration from one institution to another institution is permissible within 30 days of start of new academic session by the Punjab State Board of Technical Education & Industrial Training.

14(a) Re-admission: A candidate who has discontinued study may seek re-admission at the commencement of the new Semester within 10 days, subject to the confirmation of the Punjab State Board of Technical Education & Industrial Training.

15. Eligibility For Examination (Except for Pharmacy Course)

The examination shall be open to any candidate who:-

a. Possesses minimum qualification prescribed by the State Board for admission to the course.

b. Has been on the rolls of any institution affiliated to the State Board for a full session except as provided in the rules:

c Has submitted his/her admission form to the State Board through the Principal of the institution last attended by him/her:

d. Is certified by the Principal to have a satisfactory conduct:

e. Has attended not less than 75% of all lectures and tutorials and not less than 75% practical respectively in each session separately and further has secured at least 60% attendance in each subject (theory and practical separately) in each session:

f. Has not been debarred by the Unfair means/Examination Committee in the examination of the State Board and if debarred, has completed the term of punishment.

Note : 1

a. Lectures and practical shall be counted from the date of start of session to a date one week (for semester system)/two weeks (for annual system) before the commencement of theory examination or the date of termination of the session or as may be fixed by the State board for each session which ever is later.

b. Apart from preparatory holidays, the students shall be available for rationalisation of sessional marks for 3 days and they will be entitled to attendance according to time table for these 3 days.

c. Students joining late whether on account of late declaration of results or late admission to the institution or any other account shall not be entitled to any relaxation of this rule. However, in the case of first semester/year students, the attendance shall be counted from the date of start of the session, which shall be decided by the Secretary. The attendance of the students seeking late admission shall also be counted accordingly.

Note : 2

Every period of lecture, tutorial, practical, Project work and Workshop shall be counted as one unit for the purpose of counting the attendance.

Note: 3

a. Shortage in attendance can be condoned up to 5% on Medical grounds by the Principal provided the Medical certificate is submitted by the candidate within 7 days of his return from Medical leave and further up to 5% by the Secretary in genuine cases.

b. The delay in submission of Medical certificate can be condoned by the Secretary PSBTE in extremely hard cases, which shall be explained by the candidate in writing through the Principal of the Institution.


The students, while representing various teams or engaged in extra curricular activities with the permission of the Principal shall be treated on duty and the period of their absence shall be counted as presence with the time-table for the purpose of counting attendance.

Note: 5

The students shall be promoted to the next higher class provisionally after the examination till the declaration of result and their attendance for the next higher class shall be counted from the date of commencement of the session.

Note: 6

Students who wish to continue their studies after having been out of the institution for not more than 2 year due to any reason except those who have been debarred by the competent authority from appearing in the State Board Examination under rules of unfair means cases must do so within 10 days, of the commencement of the session. For purpose of calculating their attendance in terms of rule 4(e) read with note 3 of the rule ibid, the attendance shall be counted taking into consideration the lectures delivered from the commencement of session.

The period of 2 yrs shall be counted from Semester to Semester/Class to Class and not from the date the candidate actually leaves the institution or applies for re-admission.


Students who wish to rejoin the institution to get diploma in additional course after completing one course shall have to do so at the commencement of the session and their attendance shall be counted from the date of commencement of the session even if the previous result is not declared.


The educational tour, which is optional, will ordinarily be conducted during the vacations. In cases due to any reason, it is conducted wholly or partly during the session, the attendance of the students accompanying Educational tour shall be counted as per time table for the days of actual tour.

16. Eligibility for Examination for Pharmacy Course:

Eligibility for appearing in the State Board Examination for Pharmacy Course shall be governed by the provisions of the Education Regulations 1991 of Pharmacy Council of India as amended from time to time.

17. Emergency Service Concessions

a. The candidates joining emergency service shall be allowed to appear at the state Board Examination during the emergency service or within three years being disbanded. For period other than this they shall be governed by the rules as are admissible to them during the normal course. For the purpose of this provision the emergency service shall mean:

i. Service in the Indian Forces

ii. All services involving subject to Naval, Military or Air Force Law.

iii. Whole time service in any Civil/Defence organization specified in this behalf by the Central or the State Government.

iv. Such other service as may thereafter be declared by the Board as service under the emergency for the purpose of this provision.

b. A student who gives up his/her studies to join Indian Forces can appear privately in the examination for which he/she was studying either during the emergency service or within a period of three years after being disbanded/or being non-effective provided he/she had secured the required percentage of attendance and sessional marks leaving the institution.

17.Continuance of studies in higher semester/classes:

A student can appear in examination of any semester without any check of completion of the 1st semester before 4th sem or 2nd sem before the 5th sem and so on. However, no student will be permitted to appear in more than 12 theory papers (both regular + re-appear or only re-appear) during a particular examination i.e., May or December. Further the maximum duration for the completion of Diploma is 6 years in case of three-year courses and 8 years in case four-year courses. This will not be applicable to Diploma in Pharmacy which is governed by the rules of Pharmacy Council of India.

This shall also be applicable to all the part-time diploma courses


A candidate shall have to produce a medical certificate of fitness issued by a Medical Officer or an MBBS doctor in the prescribed form given in Appendix II. In order to avoid inconvenience to the students, the Institution may arrange a medical test at its campus.