Applied Science
The department of applied science is one of the indispensable departments of the indispensable departments of the institute.It imparts excellent quality education in the area of applied science and communication skills for the future technocrats of all streams. Applied science is a bridge that connects pure,basic science like physics or chemistry with engineering practices. The department of Applied sciences aims to provide a strong foundation in the fundamental sciences.Students of engineering are provided with the basic tools of analysis as well as the knowledge.

No. of Labs in the Department

Name of lab
Physics Lab.1
Ms.Abhinav Soni
Physics Lab.2
Ms.Abhinav Soni
Chemistry Lab
Mr.Rakesh Mittal
English & Communication Lab
Ms.Asha Rani
Principles of Applied science on which engineering is based.The department also strives to instill the scientific temper and the spirit of enquiry in students.It encourages the students to uderstand and therefore apply the physical and chemical principals to create innovative new technologies. These novel solutions are then handed off to engineering diciplines to be refined enhanced and used to address important societal problems. 

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